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Our history in Brunei Darussalam inspires confidence that your technology, diagnostic device, and even your brand is properly represented from delivery to installation, through service and ongoing regular maintenance.


We are presently trusted to provide for the Servicing of Panaga Health Centre, Jerudong Park Medical Centre and Clinic for x-ray equipment and x-ray processor, supply of Biohazard Plastic Bags, Ultrasound Gel, Sterilization pouches, Medical Logistic Supplies for Catheter to Operation Theatre, and Obstetrics Gynaecological unit.


Manning Jaya will continue to strive to source and deliver major medical related products and supplies that we support in a technical service capacity. We have participated in many equipment and medical supply tenders that are pending for approval.


We can assure your organisation and its role in any technical project in Brunei that we will be able to fulfill all awarded tenders and contracts as our business reputation has proven for nearly 30 years:


We have support and sources for our products and technology partners

from around the world.


From the European Union, United States, Australia and the ASEAN region, should you need to discuss in detail any of your concerns you are most welcome to contact us.

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